If you’re a TiVo user and struggling with issues of no signal then here we have some easy steps for you. Check out these simple troubleshooting steps.

Being a user of TiVo, if you’re scuffling with the issue of ‘No Signal’ or ‘Searching for Signal’ issue, then we would like to tell that you’re not alone. Here we have some facile troubleshooting steps for you; these steps might help you resolving your TiVo device’s technical error. We recommend you instead of roaming here and there, you can directly get in touch with professional, but before once you should try these steps if these steps show no result then make a call to professionals.

Step 1

First, you need to power off the television and your TiVo box as well. Now you need to take a glimpse at the cables those who made a bridge of connection between your TiVo and television. You need to make sure that the cables those are acting as a source of sending video should be fixed and attached appropriately.

Step 2

To make a match with your program source, you need to mess with the settings of your TiVo. First, you need to step ahead to TiVo Central, then highlight ‘Messages and Settings’ and then step forward to ‘Account and System Information.’ Now you need to select ‘System Information’ and take a glimpse at ‘Program Source’ entry. This will help you out in fixing your technical mess. For example, you will catch the words, ‘cable without a box,’ in case if you haven’t got a cable box. You can change the option by repeating the Guided Setup utility of TiVo; you just need to open TiVo Central and then choose ‘Messages and Settings’ and then navigate to ‘Help.’ You need to pick ‘Restart or Reset System’ as you guide says. Follow the guide appropriately and check, if there’s any change takes place or not.

Step 3

You need to ensure that cable and satellite box should be on power with the accurate and good connection. Moreover, authenticate that gadget is not lead your TiVo to power off automatically. Remember TiVo unable to catch the signals from the source device if the device isn’t getting the power or electricity. If you find many complications, then we simply recommend you make a call to TiVo Customer Support and get satisfactory assistance from the professionals.

Step 4

Authentication of your device is essential, you can do this by opening the TiVo Central and make a selection of ‘Messages and Settings’ and step ahead to ‘Settings’, after this you need to make a touch on ‘Video’ as ‘Vide Hookup’ is saying and simply obey the direction those you can see on your screen. By obeying the instructions, you will get to know that video source is in your touch or not.

Step 5

You need to bypass your TiVo box by building the connection between your television and video source. If still, you find that trouble is poking your device then there’s something wrong with your source hardware, in such case you need to get in touch with a cable provider.