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If you are a regular user of the Pandora Internet Radio service, then check out the way to use it on your TiVo device with the proper guiding steps.

Pandora TiVoAll TiVo users, how is it going with your TiVo device? The trendy yet traditional TiVo device has been a vital streaming device in the lineup of many streaming devices on the market. With the classy lineup of features and services, the TiVo device has also been the prime home entertainment source for all the global users.

Apart from just streaming your favorite lineup of recorded TV shows and movies, there are many also many services which are easily accessible on the classic streaming device. One of that services is Pandora, which is a free service that just lets you to easily create your custom Internet radio stations according to your preference and playing your most favorite tracks of all time.

For accessing the service, just give the instruction to Pandora regarding your one of the favorite composers, artists, or songs, and it will easily create a radio station to provide the best kind of music. And the best thing about the class Internet radio service is that it also create stations by different genres including, classical, pop, rock, and show tunes. Overall, Pandora just plays all your most favorite lineup of all the old melodies with the musical taste of latest songs that you will truly love to add in your playing list.

Pandora on TiVo

·         TiVo Premiere (all models)

·         TiVo Roamio (all models)

·         TiVo BOLT (all models)

·         TiVo HD (all models)

·         TiVo Mini

·         TiVo Series3

Head to the different steps to use the service on your TiVo device:

  1. Signing in and creating the stations– For listening out your favorite music on Pandora, you will be required to go to the first step of signing in, and then head to create the personalized “stations.” In the case, if you have already got a Pandora account, then there are the possible chances that you may have created the stations on Pndora.coom also, and if this is the case, all the created stations will directly appear on the Pandora on the TiVo. Even, you can also head on to create the stations on your TiVo box also, and they will directly appear on the other devices which you will use to access the Pandora service. Check out the way to do it:
  • Head to the TiVo Central, and then head to choose “Music & Photos” and then “Pandora.”
  • After that,  head on to choose “I have a Pandora Account” and then sign in, or just head to choose “I am new to Pandora” option and then just follow all the instructions coming on the screen.
  • Now, move on to the screen’s right side and then choose “New station.”

After the previous step, you need to do one of the following things:

  • Head on to enter the name of your favorite composer, artist, or song. Pandora will easily create a radio station that will feature the classic collection of music.
  • After that, head to the screen’s right side and then choose “Genre.” The head on to choose a category and the subcategory of your favorite music. Like you might head for the “Pop” category and “British Invasion” as the sub-category.
  • After choosing your favorite categories, the station will automatically be created, and all your favorites would be added to your Pandora station list.

2)Head for listening to your favorite music- After creating the stations, you are just a remote click away to enjoy your personalized radio station. Check out the steps to access the service-

  • In the case, if you are a newly signed in member into the Pandora on TiVo, then you will definitely require to highlight a station and then just press the SELECT button to kick start playing your favorite music, or just head to select the “Shuffle” option to get the choice of songs from your different stations. After doing this, when you head back to Pandora again, the dynamic service will resume your playlist from the last station you chose at the previous time.
  • After choosing a station, the screen will directly show all the information about the track which would be playing at that time.
  • Besides this, you can pause the playback.
  • You will also be eligible to rate the song and also skip it at the same time.
  • Even, you can also delete or add the latest station based on any artist or song.
  1. Signing Out- For signing out, just head to choose the settings icon on the top side of the page and then select the “Sign Out” option.