Having a problem with activating TiVo box. If yes, then here we have few simple and easy steps to activate your TiVo without wasting much of your time.

The initial TiVo Help steps required for activation:

  1. Open your browser. Visit the TiVo Com Activate web page. i.e. www.mytivo.co.nz/activate.
  2. This page will provide you with the set of instructions that will guide you for activation.
  3. Follow the set of instructions. It will ask you for the device service number of TiVo.
  4. This service number is placed on a label on the bottom of your TiVo device. Enter that in the form.
  5. Complete the rest other details in that form. Then, submit that form for activation to complete.

It was all you need to activate your TiVo box. It is not essential that your TiVo will start working just after the completion of activation form. It might take time for 24 hours maximum, to get the device completely activated. While in few cases, the device might start just after the completion of the activation process. If in any case, the TiVo does not start ever after the 24 hours of activation, then you should contact TiVo Customer Service.

Once, you get your TiVo working. Sometimes you might come across some common issues like unable to record, the problem in moving the recorded videos to other devices or unable to use a multi-room feature of your device.

You can yourself solve these problems by following few simple steps:

  • When you are unable to record any show, then check if any previous show is still under recording. If yes, then you need to cancel the last recording to start the recording of a new show or just wait for the previous one to complete. You need to press “Ok” by highlighting the option to stop recording the last show. Now, you can proceed recording the desired show. Another solution for this is to switch to the “manual scheduling” to record the shows. With this feature, you can yourself manually set the priority to record shows at your preferred time from the specified channel. For this, you need to turn “On” the option of “manual scheduling for recording” from the settings of your TiVo. Keep in mind that the timings of some programs keep changing. Thus, you need to edit the time of recording from your standard set up by the modified time. If still not able to record then you need to visit TiVo Com Support for more help.
  • If you are not able to move or copy the recorded files from the TiVo device to another device like a computer, then you need to ensure that the key for accessing the media files is correct. You need to provide with a right key only then you would be able to gain access to the TiVo media folder. Make sure you are using an updated version like 2.8 version for TiVo desktop. Your computer and TiVo device should not be sharing the same internet connection. If so, then you need to use separate internet connection.
  • If you are not able to access the TiVo content from other different rooms of your house and your screen displays an error message like “Now playing, ” or it does not recognize the new name of DVR. So here you need to rename your DVR before watching shows this. If receiving a message “Transfer not enabled.” Then you need to open your account and ensure that both the DVR’s (TiVo & another room DVR) are on the same account. If not then get it added to the same account to enable the data transfer.

So, this was all you need to do to get your TiVo working right. Hope you find this content useful.