If you’re a TiVo device user and struggling with common issues related to the network then check out these troubleshooting steps.

Being a user of user TiVo if you’re struggling with these common network errors, then you need to check these simple steps. Just follow them, you might see any positive change in your issue. You also have an option of getting in touch with professionals for the best and precise technical support.

1. Check out the power plugs

  • You need to check carefully that the indicator lights on your modem and router should be in the proper blinking state.
  • After making the confirmation of your device’s lights, step ahead to next point.

Note: If you’ve got TiVo DVR and try to make a connection with the internet then we would like to tell 3G, 4G, 4G LTE, etc. unable to give a performance.

2. Check out the cables

  • You need to check carefully that the connection between your modem and router is proper plus do check the Ethernet cable.
  • Whether its DVR, wireless adapter or any gadget you properly need to check to the connection.
  • After completion of this step, step forward to next step.

3. Power cycle: modem and router

  • Break the connection to your router by plugin out the wire and after ten seconds plug it back. You need to wait for 30-60 seconds (unless restart gets finished).
  • After completion of restart process, you need step ahead to next step.

4. Check your internet connection

· Internet connection is essential, step ahead to a web page or the digital service with the assistance of your home network.

  • If you’re unable to get internet connection via any device, then you need to get in touch with your internet service provider because may be issue resides in your internet service.
  • If you have got the internet connection then steps ahead to next step.
  • If you have got the connection, then you need but not getting the expected performance then you need the good internet speed.
  1. You need to run your eyes to the signal strength of your wireless adapter. If you think that signal is not sufficient then keep in mind if there’s distance between your router and TiVo gadget, you will get the weak signal. If there’s any electronic device is nearby, or in between then, your signal will face the obstacle. If your signal is asking for a boost, then you need bring Wi-Fi extender. If your wireless channel linked to many routers, then there’s a chance of weak signal.
  2. Maybe your TiVo box’s settings are asking for the configuration.
  3. You need to update the name and credentials of your wireless network.
  4. Installation of new router or modem. After this, you need to step ahead to next step.

7. Restart your TiVo box

  • If you attempt the process of the restart, then you might see a change in your issue, but you have to wait approx. 30 minutes.
  • You need step ahead to Settings & Messages, Help, Restart box and then to Restart the TiVo box.
Roamio Series, Minis and Premiere Series DVRs
  • Here you need to go to Settings & Messages, Help, Restart or Reset System than to Restart the TiVo box.
Series3 and earlier DVRs
  • Till Restart or Reset System, you need to follow the same just at the end you need to navigate to Restart the TiVo HD DVR.
  • Now step ahead to next point

8. You need to check the TiVo’s internet connection

  • Navigate to the Test Internet Connection Screen:
  • Simply first step ahead to Network Settings, Network Troubleshooting and then Test Internet Connection.
Roamio Series and Premiere Series DVRs
  • Go to Settings & Messages, Settings, Network and then View Network Diagnostics and finally to Test Internet Connection.
Series3 and earlier DVRs
  • Till Settings, you need to follow the same then step ahead to Phone & Network, View Network Diagnostics and then TiVo service connection.
  • If you see any error message, then you need to check step 9

9.Change the location of your TiVo

  • · You need to converse the location of your TiVo and then give a try.
  • · If you have changed the location of your TiVo, then go to Test Internet Connection screen and repeat the above step.