Users face problem while moving data from TiVo box to our any other device like a tablet, computer, etc. So to help them today, we have some troubleshooting steps for solving this problem with TiVo.

We might face a variety of error messages while we are trying to move the video from the TiVo to any other device. These error statements would be like “Unable to move video,” “Video information is not available,” “File not found,” “There are no recordings available.”  So today we will learn about the reasons behind these errors and how to overcome this errors. You just need to follow the following procedure.

Sometimes your TiVo will display a message that “there is no recording available” when you are trying to access it from your laptop or computer. It might be due to the use of an older version of TiVo application.

So try to update the app with the latest one and go through the following steps:

  • Ensure the video files are in correct format.
  • Try to reopen the TiVo application on your device.
  • Verify the setup for “video sharing” and ensure the media access key is valid.

Steps for video sharing settings:

  • Go to “Services.”
  • Choose the option for “Properties of TiVo.”
  • Select the option for “access control.”
  • Now put it either on “Automatic” or “Custom” to allow all devices or to particular devices respectively and close the menu.

If you are not able to move videos of TiVo to a computer, then you need to follow the following steps to solve the issue:

  • Load up the TiVo ToGo patch.
  • View the “tivo-desktop-patch-setup.exe” folder to enable the patch.
  • Go through the instructions to install the patch.
  • Once it is installed, try to move or share the files and check if it works right this time.
  • If you can share files, it means you will be even able to share a file in future also, and in case you are not able to move the files then you need to reinstall that patch as it might not have installed successfully. If you are still not able to install it, then get TiVo customer support for fixing the issue.

Also, make sure your TiVo and computer both are connecting to the same home network, and the signal strength of that internet is good enough to support their working. You should check if your computer has enough space to receive the file that you are trying to send from TiVo, as this can also be the reason for blocking the sharing of records.

Remember if ever you upgrade the Cisco VPN firmware, then make sure you never check in the option to enable the stateful Firewall. For some PC’s while updating the software, this option is enabled by default, so you need to keep a check on it and deselect the check box in front of Firewall option to disable it. Doing this might help you in sending and receiving the files without any error. Still, if you find any other problems with TiVo, then head to TiVo com support and get the best solution for fixing the issue.