TiVo media device is going to work when there is a fast and smooth internet connection. If you are using TiVo media service, but are not able to connect to the TiVo service, then you can get in touch with TiVo help provider.

How would you feel when your TiVo service connection fails as you try to connect it? I’m sure that won’t be a good thing to watch, but what can you do if you are seeing just that whenever you connect to your TiVo service? Well, you can take help of TiVo customer service to get rid of this problem.

The problem that people are facing is ‘failed to negotiate’, which means that the TiVo media device is experiencing issues communicating with TiVo service. You can refer this error to the network error N18 to N20. All these errors occur at the time of guided setup process and these errors indicate that there was an interruption in the connection or maybe there was something along the network path that is blocking TiVo media device from working normally.

What causing this problem?

When it comes to the most common causes, then those would be the proxy servers and web page caching that is used by the routers you are using or the restrictions imposed by your ISP or firewalls. The broadband connection also goes topsy-turvy during peak usage times, however, some broadband providers have a unique approach to process the bandwidth demands occurred during peak times. The changes made by the broadband providers are what affects the ability of TiVo media device to successfully connect to the TiVo service.

It is important that you complete the guided setup process, but in case, you are not able to do so, then you can try the service connections as soon as you wake up in the morning. You can perform TiVo setup if you want, as that could resolve the issue.

Moreover, you need to switch off any firewall that you are using because your firewall could be blocking the network connection. If you are able to connect the TiVo media device with the TiVo service if the firewall has been disabled. You can also visit TiVo com activate the link for a precise assistance. Also, you need to adjust firewall configuration to all open ports that are required for TiVo communications, disable caching of web pages or a proxy server.

If after disabling the firewall, you are not able to connect TiVo media device, then the problem could be related to the modem/router or ISP. You have to keep in mind that your router isn’t blocking required ports or making use of a web page caching or proxy server. You will have to make all the necessary adjustments.

If it is confirmed that the router and firewall are not creating an issue, then you need to get in touch with your internet service provider to check if they are blocking any port that is important for the functioning of the device or using web page caching and/or proxy servers. You can get in touch with TiVo help and support providers to know the available communication ports to connect your TiVo media device to connect to TiVo service.

It is important for you to note down that web page caching is a process of using all those web pages again that are requested commonly by TiVo. You don’t have to download all those web pages every time a user requests it. With caching of the web page, the efficiency of the bandwidth increases and the requirements for ISPs reduces. If the issue doesn’t get resolved, then log onto TiVo com support link for accurate help.


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