While other DVR manufacturers and Orthodox TV players are jumping the ships to a newer system of internet TV subscription at a competitive pricing, TiVo is one of those service providers who has upped their game and stayed in the same business of DVR and service providing for that. TiVo had introduced its DVRs in the 90s and since now it has innovated on that front and is staying in that field by endorsing what it is good at. Integrating conventional TV and customisability with recording and playback facilities.

What makes TiVo so special?

TiVo has been into the recordable DVR systems market since the 90s. The innovative feature to maximize the returns from conventional satellite and cable operators by replacing customer’s existing set top boxes with TiVo boxes. TiVo boxes had a host of features including recording and playback, programmed recordings, recording a whole season by match, by players or movies by actors.

TiVo used this functionality by using TV guide and information in it as metadata. TiVo repair also used to be very seamless and fast and that is what made it a homely device for all. TiVo was not just a device but was a bundle of features. There were a lot of features when TiVo came out. It was and is, based on subscription charges which are charged by the organization for the service only. The hardware, however, is owned by the customers.

It has changed the whole market. While cable providers rented the boxes, TiVo is the entertainment hub of consumers for a lifetime. TiVo allowed unlimited recording and all kinds of issues were resolved by once visiting or calling TiVo helpIn the present day, TiVo has improved a lot. It is compatible with almost all cable service providers. It also has its tie-ups with them so many of the cable boxes come with TiVo integration.

TiVo also supplies its accessories and peripherals which allow users to share one cable subscription in multiple rooms on multiple TVs without paying for additional subscription charges to the cable subscription providers. TiVo also supports a host of internet TV providers including but not limited to Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and heart Radio as confirmed with TiVo Customer Support.

Is it easy to unlock and activate TiVo?

While most of the cable DVRs are network locked, TiVo is fully unlocked and users have a lot of choice and integration of what they want to watch. With a single remote and smartphone integration, users can get the best of both worlds, which are cable TV and internet TV. Many times, most of the services which are cheaper on the internet TV are expensive on PPV cable TV and vice versa.

Now users do not need to buy two boxes to run both of them but TiVo allows users to run both of them on a single device and hence can save a lot of money. TiVo support also guides users in activating TiVo hardware via various methods. However, there is a lot of confusion regarding activating TiVo hardware which we will try to resolve in this article today.

Users can buy TiVo from various sources and activation depends on the sources. If TiVo is brought from the market, TiVo product number should be mentioned for TiVo com activate the process to be completed. If it is purchased from the TiVo website, it already comes activated and if it is purchased from the cable service provider, customers should call them for activation. TiVo DVRs have unlimited recording capabilities depending on the show length and hard drive capacity. There are no region locks or recording locks. This is what makes TiVo different from others and is easy to activate.