The entertaining TiVo Company finally adds up the “Voice search” inability to the videos. So, now stream all your videos with your voice command.

All TiVo users, how is it going with your TiVo device? When you have TiVo device on your side, you can’t take your eyes off from your big screen. And now your streaming experience will now get much better, as the classic company has rolled out its latest fully-combined Personalized Content Delivery platform. The latest platform will render the video operators with the inclusive suite of the content discovery features that integrates the power of voice search with the fine personalized recommendations and search.  The platform will also render the powerful analytics capabilities that enable the operators to easily conduct A/B testing. In this way, it gives the ability to all the operators to easily optimize all their operations in the real time.

With this fully-combined conversational services, the ultimate TiVo’s Personalized Content Discovery platform easily purchase the voice search and making it very simple for all the users to easily search and get the personalized search results. Apart from bringing the bunch of whole TV guide along with the 300+ channels, the response will provide the top 10 television programs that the user is most interested in according to their interests and viewing behavior.

The combination is very important as numbers of customers are increasing to access the voice search along with the 30.5% of Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo, and Google Home users saying that they mostly access the voice assistants to get any help in searching out anything to watch, according to Video Trends report of TiVo.

The ultimate Personalized Content Discovery platform of TiVo also provides the fine support to all the contextual voice queries, which permits the users to head to the results with a particular context. In this way, it removes the requirement to string together the long queries along with the unnatural phrasing to get the same results. It also has an entire combined backend business console that renders the fine tuning of the search results, permitting the service providers to easily enhance the user experience and also generate quality in the viewer searches.

Well, the operators can control the objectives of the internal business, such as the boosting more VOD titles in the voice searches to promote the broader category awareness. All the operators also get the benefit due to the reduced cost of the ownership, as they can easily make the real-time changes without the need of the extra support from all the engineering teams.

Apart from this voice search inability, TiVo is hardly the first company which has come up with a remote integrated with a microphone inside. Well, Comcast and Apple TV has already got a version available.   The manual which is in the filing states that a two-button pairing process with the back buttons and TiVo for the company’s first Bluetooth unit since the TiVo Slide Keyboard equipped with the fine remote.

Besides the classic microphone button, there is also the news about the dedicated commercial skip button. Even, there has also been news regarding the Netflix, which has negotiated the inclusion of a quality button on the remote, like the other linked TV boxes.