TiVo has launched a decade ago, keeping in mind its nature. It is totally independently owned a home device which does not need to be returned on ending a cable subscription. It is also supported by many cable subscription providers and is ideal to be used in houses where multiple connections are used. It is also ideal for internet streaming such as Netflix and Hulu since all of that is integrated into TiVo now. TiVo Support has also improved with time with no turn-around time for offering service to users.

About the UI freeze issue

TiVo, when launched was the time when there was no internet TV but paid cable connection. Most of the cable service providers charge a fortune presently, because of which people shifter to internet TV services. TiVo also evolved with time and hence now offers uninterrupted and seamless TV viewing on all major internet and cable connections. TiVo Customer Support confirmed that service is also integrated with third party service providers such as Toshiba and Hulu boxes now. So users can now control and record the content which they want to see. Such kind of integration has its pros and cons.

We know about the pros and we have discussed it too above. The cons are at large with time. For instance, TiVo has upgraded itself but it also satisfies third party service providers. it also has an inbuilt modem and hence does not need external one but an only internet connection. On the top of all of that is its own security layer by the name of TiVo Activate. Squeezing all of the technology into one box is a kind of challenge for a company which has ventured into this field now.

How to solve the error of UI freeze?

UI freeze has been a major hazard recently. It has various kinds of lights as well as loading animations. With the addition of functionality and updating software, bugs have crawled into the system. Users have complained that there has been a lot of loading issue with the latest update. TiVo Help forums are filled with complaints regarding how TiVo has been onto loading screens and UI freeze with that blue circle of loading freezing. This also extends to the deletion menu. Users have also complained that they are unable to delete recorded shows. As they click on the delete button, the blue circle UI freezes and then brings them back on the same screen. This has been a menace for all of them.

Hence, it is one of the most problematic issues for users who have updated the firmware of their TiVo to the latest version. There are ways in which they can resolve the issue. TiVo Repair has not responded to being any hardware error but has advised replacing the box. For boxes out of warranty, they cost factor is too high. Hence there are certain ways in which this error code can be removed. This is as further.

Try power cycling the TiVo device. When power cycled, local temporary storage gets empty which can improve the performance of TiVo device. Once it has been done, check if the issue has been resolved. If it is not solved, try downgrading to the previous OS by a factory reset. This can also resolve the issue since the device comes with an OS which is snappy and responsive. Apart from that, users can connect a USB to the device and then connect it to the computer. Then they can try deleting the shows via the User interface TiVo has provided for self-diagnostics. If all of these do not work, try calling the support center.


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