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Being a user of TiVo, if your TiVo device stuck on the message, ‘Welcome, Powering Up,’ then you need to check these facile troubleshooting steps.

How to detect issue

Well, you can easily detect the symptom of such error. As you make a connection to your TiVo by the plugin, then you will see the words on your screen, “Welcome, Powering Up.” If you’re using older TiVo, then you will see wording, “Your Recorder is Starting Up. Please Wait, ” but your TiVo gets stuck at that particular message, and that’s the sign of this error.


In many cases, when user struggles with this particular issue then he/she needs a new hard drive. According to professionals, this error is occurred by the bad hard drive, so they give a recommendation that they need to change their hard drive. In many TiVo models, many suggest changing the power supply as well. Well, here we have some steps for you.

1) Change your TiVo Hard Drive

Well, this recommends that if you face such error, then you need to buy a preprogrammed hard drive. Before getting the hard drive, you just need to check your TiVo model; you can easily check that by seeing behind your TiVo. You just need to note down the first three digits of your TiVo out of those given 15-digits. Then you can purchase that read-to-install hard drive for your TiVo. You can visit weaKnees; here we will tell you why should you step ahead to weaKnees. First of all, you can get the precise assistance by getting in touch with professionals. Secondly, if you find any flaw in your hard drive, then you can send them back within 30 days. You will get free home delivery.

2) Change your TiVo Power Supply

If you’re struggling with this trouble, then we would like to tell that failing of your power supply can give birth to this error as well. Failing of power supply can make a pause on your DVR which makes a stop on Welcome, Powering Up screen. So, here we would like to recommend that you should change your power supply of TiVo device. If you have these models of TiVo, then you need to change the power supply:

TCD648250 (TCD648250B)

If we talk about TCD648250, then in this you can easily recognize the issue. They will provide you the satisfactory and accurate assistance plus solution. If you want to order TiVo power supply, then you can step ahead weaKnees or TiVo power supply section of DVRupgrade.

3) weaKness or DVRupgrade

Well, if you instead of ordering programmed hard drive or power supply, if you want to send your TiVo to the service center, then you can choose the service of weaKnees. You also have a second chance, in which you can step ahead DVRupgrade provisions or LifePreserver TiVo Repair service.

Well, if there’s any doubt and you want to confirm that hard drive is in good condition or bad then you have an option of downloading a software which can test your hard drive. You can also go through some genuine online pages as well otherwise you have an ideal option of visiting TiVo Repair and grab the appropriate solution for this particular error.