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If you are a prime user of the TiVo streaming or if just getting started, then do check out these TiVo tips and tricks to get the ultimate streaming experience.

TiVo is one of the oldest yet trendy streaming devices which is best known to provide the service of watching your favorite shows at your convenience. Being a TiVo Tv user, there are some tips and tricks which can help you to stream better.

  • Using folders to manage the Now Playing list-

 The Now Playing List can be easily managed by Recorded Date, but what about the groups? Well, the turning of the groups were put into the folders, just like all the episodes of a series. At the center of the Now Playing List, you will get the notice which always shows the current group options. Check out the way to change it-

  • Head on to press the ENTER/LAST button on the remote control.
  • After the Playing List Options, just highlight the sort option and then head on to press the RIGHT to LEFT arrow button on the remote control to easily toggle between the sort options.
  • Head on to highlight the Groups option, and then press the RIGHT or LEFT arrow button on the remote control to switch between the On and Off option.
  • Playing out the TiVo start-up Video

Willing to see the startup video of your TiVo device, then just head to this shortcut: Head on to press the TiVo button, and then the #0.

  • Favorite documentary with the help of Wishlist Search-

If you are aware of the title of the documentary that you don’t wish to see, then head to create a Wishlist, then Tittle, and then Don’t forget to use”.   

  • Search the favorite show by actor

Just head on to the TiVo Central- Find Programs- Create a Wishlist search”. After that, just head to highlight Actor and then enter an actor, for instance, FRANK. While head to select either “View Upcoming episodes” or also scheduling the recordings for around 14 days.

  • Watching on a Mac computer-

The company has partnered with the Roxio to enable the TiVo To Go in the Toast 11 Titanium. You can easily transfer all your favorite TiVo recordings to the Mac. Just watch them in a player and then turn them for the playback on PSP or iPod. Note that Toast is the standard for the disc burning software on the Mac.

  • Wishlist “Trip” Tip-

Just head on to use the TiVo Wishlist search to get the proper vacation spots so you will always be aware that where you should go, what to see, and also which restaurants can be best to eat.

  • From the Find programs, just head to choose WishList Search.
  • Head on to choose Keyword and then enter the name of the city or country you would like to go. In the case, if the city is more than one single word, then head to use the quotation to spot to get the exact phrase.
  • For the Category, interests, choose, Travel, and sub-category.
  • Just head to select “View upcoming episodes” to view what to hit or choose “Auto-record WishList programs.”
  • Getting the Web videos-

Are you still not watching your favorite Web videos on a three-inch rectangle in the web browser? With the Web videos, the TiVo box linked with the broadband can auto-record web videos from The New York Times, CNET, and many other sources, in the same way, it just records the TV shows to enjoy them on the big screen.  You can easily browse and get what you are looking for-

  • Head on to the TiVo Central and then choose to Find programs.
  • Now, just choose Web Videos and then Downloads the Browse broadcast providers.
  • Lastly, head on to choose the favorites and then stream your favorites instantly.

If you get any tech barrier, then head on to TiVo Support team to get the professionals assistance and support.


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